Sunday, August 2, 2009

1953 Kay C-1 is now completed!

The 1953 Kay C-1 named “Vince” is finished and sounding great. We went jam camping and to two evening jam sessions and so far the bass is winner. This past Friday was a large open jam with two basses in the house. I and the other bass player were taking turns playing and at one point the guitar player in the corner said…thump on that bass, I can’t hear that other bass…music to our ears!

This bass did not take near as long as the American Standard bass to restore, only a few short months and it would have been even faster if Lonnie had skipped the experimental “super tuning” ideas…but it has all worked out real well. This bass is a real good Kay and I am not in any hurry to see this one go…it can stay in the family for a while.

If you want to see the full slide shows of this bass click on the link below and enjoy!


  1. I was thinking, Vince is 60 this year, and last night he and I got to do our first solo's!!! Loud and proud!

  2. Loud and Proud at 60...I like it!