Monday, February 14, 2011

What's new...

Howdy All!

Time flies much too fast!

Lonnie and I have been busy with lots of music jams and acquiring even more special Epiphone basses for our collection. The workshop has been pretty quiet but we hope to soon kick it in gear as the winter blahs slowly melt away. Today the temperatures actually went above freezing and we saw some warm sunshine…for a few minutes anyway.

Here is a small sample of a local jam we attend. These recordings were made on an Edirol HR-9 digital recorder. The bass on this recording is our 1937 Kay M-4 named Polly pretty Polly.

(can you tell I like banjo tunes)

Lonnie is getting back to the 1946 Epiphone Blonde B-5 number #811. The saddle was loose so he removed it, cleaned it up, shaped it and it is now back in place with some fresh hide glue. This bass is really clean and has beautiful flamed wood. Once all the repairs are completed and we have it gig ready we hope to offer this bass for sale. We get lots of inquires about our Epiphone basses and if we have them for sale. The answer is normally no, we do not have any we are willing to sell from our collection. I think I’ll stop hording all the Epi’s and let one or two go from my collection this year (maybe…I’ll think about it). My collection of pre-war Epiphone’s purchased for research purposes has grown quite large. I’ll post to our website showroom when we decide to let one go for sale and find a new owner for this fine bass.

In addition to basses Lonnie continues to make his customer order banjo and Dobro picks. He is working on his third custom order for his super size finger picks. And because his craftsmanship and skill has no limits he has been setting up banjos as well. True to form he is modifying banjo bridges and modifying banjo heads. It never ends…show him the standard and he will stretch the boundaries.

Keep checking back…there is always something good going on in the workshop!