Thursday, December 13, 2012

Workshop updates and a Gibson...

Once again…where does the time go!?!

Though we have not been working on a bass restoration project we have been busy working on upgrades to the workshop. Lots of exciting things are coming. Having survived Hurricane Sandy with only minor damage we decided to make changes in the workshop while we were cleaning up. Lonnie has installed new UVC lamps to keep mold, mildew and smells out of the workshop. We have basses shipped from all over the USA, some have odors that are not pleasant. Some are musty smelling old wood, while others smell like smoke from a  1,000 bar room gigs. To improve our health (we both suffer from allergies) and the health of the basses the addition of air sterilizing light have been a great improvement.  All the basses are now getting daily light therapy, the workshop and house has never smelled better.

Both Lonnie and I are aging; our eyes are not what they used to be so Lonnie is in the process of installing all new lighting in the workshop. We were fortuitous to be the recipient of a dozen “free for the hauling” industrial overhead light fixtures. Lonnie has taken down all the previous track lighting which he called “French fry lights" and is installing the new florescence lights. They will be less expensive to use and the workshop is now extremely well light. Every bass will be viewable from any spot in the workshop. Lonnie has it so well lit you could perform surgery, no more working in his own shadow. As my Father used to say…”you can pick fly shit out of pepper” it is so well lit. Yeah…it is really; really bright…which is a good thing.

1941 Gibson B-135 upright bass

The other exciting news is I am motivated by a new bass acquisition to launch a Pre-war Gibson upright bass page for the website. We get questions from time to time about Pre-war Gibson basses because of their rivalry with Epiphone before WW2. Until now I had not given much thought to doing research on these basses because there are so few of them surviving. It is a small niche group of folks that are interested in the pre-war Gibson basses. That was until now; we are now the privileged owners of a rare 1941 Gibson B-135 upright bass, what a bass

The bass was purchased with a complete family history, full documentation and a Gruhn appraisal that confirms this bass is as pristine original as you will find. I am so pleased and inspired by this bass that I want to share the history and documentation. Look for a new page at our website that will feature this bass and the Gibson history. As in past I don’t feel qualified to post historical information unless I am confident in the accuracy. I am really confident about this beautiful Gibson bass that has been christening “Mother MayBelle”…she is a beauty!

Finally…we want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. This year has been good for us, we feel blessed in so many ways. We have enjoyed an increase of visitors to the workshop and acquired some really special basses for our collection. There is no place like our place and we are gratified to the folks that have shown their appreciation by traveling hundreds of thousands of miles to visit. In 2013 we will be hosting a visitor flying in from Australia to full fill a “bucket list” dream bass.

Merry Christmas yawl! 

May the best years be yet to come.