Saturday, February 27, 2010

Progress on the Epi

Lonnie is making good progress on the neck. After 3’ of snow, working on this bass and long days at his real job…we are ready for some spring weather and festivals.

The filler to cover the biscuits under the pegbox

This has been all cut free hand at 7,000 RPM. There is no room for error!

Bottom up repairs

The repairs are a bit unconventional but if they prove to be strong and make this bass playable with the original neck still in tact it will be worth the hours and hours of work.

The bass is coming together and Lonnie hopes to be fitting the neck to the body in the next few weeks. The new ULSA end pin has been fit, the edges have been repaired, and color matched. The over all cosmetic condition of the bass is looking good. We hope to have this bass thumping by the time the spring flowers emerge. Stay tuned…Lonnie’s working hard!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old man winter...

Howdy from Snowy southern PA!

Lonnie has not had too much time in the workshop because all we (he) has been doing is digging out from two back to back snow storms. The first storm packed a wallop on Saturday with 27” and then today another 24” with blizzard conditions. Spring must soon be on its way.

Saturday 2/6/10...

Today, Wednesday 2/10/10...
Earlier this week I came home to the sound of the banjo playing in the workshop. This is how Lonnie serenades the basses…or maybe it is torture. Either way I thought it was an interesting moment.

The Epiphone neck is being worked on bit by bit. Lonnie is happy with the way the repairs are coming together. If and when the snow stops he hopes to get back on track with the repairs. These two snow storms are history making events for us. We have never had two storms dump this much snow in four days.