Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 1944 Kay M-1 now nicknamed Penny…

Greg has updated us with a picture from his first gig back home in Australia with his bucket list Kay bass.

Here is what Greg had to say… 

Penelope (now nicknamed Penny) has been an enormous hit amongst the guys in the band and others not only for her looks (drooling included), but the live sound I am getting is also outstanding.  Can’t wait for her to open up and give me a fuller sound and even more tone. She has certainly been more than I could wish for from her big beefy tone to the way she is so easy to play.

Greg and Penny with his band The Midnight Drifters 
Attached is a photo of the guys and our first gig together.  We have a solid series of weekend gigs twice a week over the next four weeks so I promise I’ll be gentle with her!

All sounds great with big smiles.  Greg’s trip and exporting Kay bass experience was uneventful made easy with a calm and friendly attitude.  He is ready to come back in a few years so we can do it all again.