Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Honey Epiphone #674...

Meet Miss Honey…Epiphone #674

Disclaimer: This is NOT our bass!!!

My love for Epiphone basses is no secret. I must have a kindred spirit to Epiphone’s. On a recent festival vacation we found possibly the only Epiphone at the campground and of course we were immediately drawn to it like a moth to a light. Just strolling along we saw the bass in a creative homemade bass stand and Lonnie said I think that is an Epiphone…well we just had to see!

This bass is owned by Dean from Altoona, PA and bless his heart is was a dumpster dive save…Miss Honey has her battle scars but let me tell you…I got to jam late into the morning hours on her and had no complaints…she held down the lowed just fine. Even though this bass was saved from a trash dumpster it has some interesting features…it is suffering from an identity crisis. The tail badge says B-3 but the back with the loop screams B-4 to me. The three piece neck is some what rare on Epiphone’s and the blonde flamed wood is pretty nice condition. Dean pieced her back together…by the way…Dean is one awesome banjo picker and we had a great time at their jam…his handy work has made this bass thump once again. Good Job!

I know this post has nothing to do with The Bass Monkey workshop but I thought is was pretty cool to see this recycled Epiphone bass make music once again…a passion we share with Dean and friends.

Have fun looking at the slide show of Miss Honey…you can recognize this bass any where!!!

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