Monday, July 27, 2009

Another rescue...

Well…we did it again…rescued another bass…rescue, recycle, restore…we love it!

This is Epiphone bass #1304 a B-4. This bass has been dormant for over 40 years. It was previously owned by a vagabond and given to his trusted friend as keepsake. That trusted friend is now down sizing and found us through a relative. We are happy to add this bass to our Epiphone family.
This bass is suffering from years of dis-use and has the battle scars of a troubled life, but we feel we can breathe new life back into this piece of history. The bass is very dry and the wood has aged way beyond is its 60 plus years of existence. We will put it inline for a full restore with hopes that we can bring this vintage beauty back into playable condition. It maybe a few years before we can hear it sing but our efforts are always rewarded when our basses can make joyful music once again.

Here is a full slide show...enjoy

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