Sunday, December 11, 2011

Popeye is going home…

Today was jubilation day; Popeye is finished and heading home.  The King Mortone restoration took about eight month of on again, off again efforts to get it back into to fine playing condition.  After a nice leisurely visit with Mike and Sharon today, a few thumps on Popeye and a good meal…all is well.  Popeye got the full Bass Monkey treatment and is looking good and sounding great once again. We know he will be appreciated and will make some fine bluegrass music.  It sounds like his first jam will be later this week.  We are anxious to hear how the bass is receipted by the band members.  This was a great bass project for two wonderfully nice people.  

We are moving along to the Stanleytone banjo next.  Stay tuned!

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