Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its official…the King Mortone bass is completed

We took the bass out Thursday and Friday to our local jam and it was a big hit.  I am always amazed at what folks pay attention to.  We no sooner had the bass out of the gig bass then the questions started…

That’s a new one. 

Where did you get it?

It sure is pretty, I like that dark finish.

What year is it?

How does it sound?

What’s the U.S.N. stand for on the back?

Wow…that thing sounds great.  I can hear it all the way in the bathroom.

Is it for sale?

I like it, bring that one back any time!

And it goes on and on.  The bass looks and sounds great.  It was a joy to play and even more of joy to watch the grin on Lonnie’s face grow larger with every question I answered.  First time out with a new bass is always a challenge especially when it is a three hour jam.  You never know how it will sound in the mix of the other instruments and there is no opportunity to make adjustments.  You need to play it through, no matter what.  The bass seemed a bit tight early in the evening but once it warmed up, the strings settled in the bass really began to open up.  With some serious play time this bass will be a boomer…I liked it! 

At the end of the Friday night jam a gentleman I never saw before came up and began to ask questions about the bass.  Come to find out he was a retired Navy guy and was really enamored by the U.S.N. carved in the back of the bass.  We had a very nice conversation and he was delighted to know this bass had a past life in the Navy Band and was singing proud again. 

That is the stuff that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.  Every bit of effort and Lonnie’s TLC was worth it. 

Here are some quick pictures from Lonnie during the jam.  He’s not much of a photographer, so I’ll take what I get.

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