Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lonnie uses a straight edge to view the profile or relief in the fingerboard

Scraping the fingerboard a little at a time.  The amount of wood shavings this fingerboard produced filled a plastic zip lock bag.  Lonnie's keeps the wood shavings for possible future use...I have no idea what for...but he saves all the scrapes.

With the nut glued in place Lonnie continues to work on dressing the fingerboard.  The board is a very hard, high quality piece of wood.  I believe it is original to the bass but is much harder then other King or American Standard fingerboard s we have encountered.  He worked three evenings this week scraping and smoothing out the board to get it as flat as possible.  The board had a fairly high hump in the center and it has taken a good bit of work to get it flat.   Or in Lonnie’s word’s…”that fingerboard is *$!#ing hard stuff”.  His fingers get tired scraping hour after hour.  The fingerboard needs to be fairly flat for this set up of medium high string height and Dominant steel strings.  If all goes well Lonnie hopes to get a new bridge cut later this week or next week.

All good things take time…

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