Monday, October 31, 2011

King Mortone and the October snow...

Happy Halloween…Boo!

So the calendar says it’s October but the snow on the ground feels like January.  Incredibly we had 9” of wet heavy snow on Saturday.  So much snow that Lonnie used the snow blower to clear the driveway.  Did someone piss Mother Nature off, because she sure acts like she is not happy?  This year we have had record breaking rain, heat, earthquake and now a record breaking snow on October 29th.  Is there no end?

The King Mortone has a new bridge, strings and final tweaking has begun.  This is the fun part for me as I get to test drive and make suggestions for adjustments.  I can’t wait to hear and play Popeye; I’ll need to eat some spinach to build up my muscles for playing him.

Final adjustments

Looking sweet from this angle

Custom fit and detailed Bass Monkey bridge


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