Thursday, July 14, 2011

King Moretone...

Lonnie made a bit more progress last evening. The top of the bass had lots of rosin and old dirt. He has a magic elixir for getting old dirt and rosin off the top of a bass. The bass now has a nice deep glow and looks fresh and clean (little bit like a facelift). He wanted to get the top clean so he can begin to work on some of the cosmetic edges and open seams.

The neck had a spot where the fingerboard would not release and a sliver of wood raised up. Lonnie used hot water, steam and a large palate knife to run up between the neck and fingerboard to pry it loose. The neck looks really skinny with out the fingerboard attached. I have to laugh when folks complain about a skinny Kay neck. Few realize much of the mass of the neck is made up of the fingerboard. If you want a thicker neck, put on a new fingerboard…that will really beef up the thickness.

Stay tuned…Lonnie’s on a roll…just call him butter.

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