Wednesday, July 13, 2011

American Standard, Epiphone and the King

Here we are…mid way through summer…and what a summer it has been. New twist and turns every mile (the Tour de France is in stage 10, no pun intended).

I am now recovering from my second foot surgery and Lonnie is pushing forward in the workshop. He has been busy taking care of me, the house and working full time in addition to the workshop back log.

Our 1939 American Standard bass named Harvey is relocating to live with a young jazz player in Maryland.

The Epiphone B-5 named Luther is finished except for some final details and will soon be taking his long journey home.

And now, finally, it is Popeye’s turn. The 1950’s King Mortone is on the radar screen and repairs are underway. The fingerboard was not making full contact with the neck and was a source for vibration. So Lonnie removed the fingerboard, after a bit of a struggle, and now the neck is all clean with a fresh surface for re-gluing. The original fingerboard is in great condition and things should go back together with fresh hide glue fairly easily. Lonnie removed the old endpin and reamed out a new larger hole for a new ULSA adjustable ebony end pin. Once he gets the fingerboard back in place he will move on to the set up and a bunch of cosmetic work on the edges of the bass. The owner wants the full Bass Monkey speed neck treatment and face lift for this bass. This King Mortone had a powerful voice with some really old strings. I expect once the bass is set up and tweaked it will have a strong punchy sound, not to mention it will look good for other 60 or so years.

Keep checking back for updates. The Epiphone B-5 #811 slideshow of the completed bass will be coming soon. This Epi bass is headed for a long journey to a tropical paradise…Aloha.

The fun never stops! Have a great summer and be safe.

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