Sunday, January 31, 2010

Epiphone B-4

Lonnie is starting to make some real good progress on the bass. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The neck pieces have been glued and clamped together into one strong piece.

The work on the edges continue. There are some pretty big chunks that needed replaced.

The lower portion of the neck being fit together into one soild piece.

Some seam and edge details on the body. The body looks ot be in good shaped and gives a deep tone when you thump on it. We have high hopes this bass will be a good one!

The neck after the hide glue and clamps. It is all starting to come together.

Now that the neck has been “knit” together with hide glue, Lonnie is moving onto re-enforcing the injured areas. At this stage others would be driving in metal pins or using dry wall screws to re-enforce the neck. Lonnie has different plans, he want to avoid using “iron” in the repair. He is trying wooden biscuits. He has it all laid out in his head how he wants it to come together. There are still areas on the heel that are too tight to get into with a power tool in, those area’s will chiseled and re-enforced by hand, eye and skill the ole fashion way.

Things are looking up for this bass. We can’t wait for the repairs to be completed so we can move on to the set up…that is really the fun part. This bass is scheduled to get a new ULSA ebony end pin, Hi-tech tail gut, new Despiau bridge, and Thomastik Spirocore weich’s
….but it will be awhile until we are that far down the road.

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