Monday, January 25, 2010

Epi B-4 continued...

Today was an exciting day as the UPS man delivered some new power tools that will help Lonnie make a better repair...he is a happy, happy man!

Let’s see where we are…the scroll has been fit and glued on to the neck. All the puzzle pieces went together pretty well. Lonnie is now working on piecing together the parts to the heel of the neck.

Most Epiphone basses have a two piece neck which is one of the reasons for the larger turning of the scroll. There was more mass to the neck and they were not made from one solid piece of wood.

The nasty neck break has Lonnie working with three pieces too glue together. He is currently working on cleaning the wood and making shims for the neck repair. Once all the piece are fit back together, glued with fresh hide glue Lonnie will reinforce the neck with wooden pieces called biscuits.

What is going on in the workshop are tedious, time consuming repairs but they are absolutely necessary to bring this bass back to healthy playing condition.

This bass had a purple grey paint line around the front outside silhouette. The paint was to hide some previous repaired edge delamination. Lonnie has decided to go all the way on this bass and will remove the paint, repair the edges and custom color match the repair to the bass. This is a similar repair that he did on the 1942 Kay S-9 and that bass turned out beautifully. The fresh edge repairs really make the bass look like it has had an easy and caring owner…which this bass does.
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