Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Holland Fiddlers Picnic Labor Day 2014


a big thank you to all the friends that have sent their thoughts and prayers to me since Lonnie’s passing in June.  My heart has been touched by so many people from all walks of life and from around the world.  The music community has been my rock of strength for all the fast changes that have been made in my life.  

It seems everything these days comes to me in a song, the meaning of the lyrics, and the timing of the music.  The pain, sadness and ultimately the joy that music can bring to your soul is something we feel deeply as musicians…music is our passion…a passion we need to share with others.

So much has changed in the span of a few short months, yet some things have remained the same…MUSIC…it is always about the music.  The annual New Holland fiddler’s picnic was always the high light of the Labor Day weekend and this year did not disappoint.  

Yesterday I got to once again play music and jam with some of the very best musician; it brought great joy to my heart to be “back in the saddle” as they say. 

Billy Lee Cox, banjo – Remington Ryde

Warren Blair, fiddle – Fastest Grass Alive, Special Blend

Special female guest guest on fiddle (sorry, no name)

Tim, guitar

David Robertson, mandolin- Fastest Grass Alive, Harold Tipton and friends

Wendy Staley, 1941 Epiphone B-1 Bass…my faithful old friend that never lets me downs

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