Saturday, October 26, 2013

Howdy from Australia...

We receive a wonderful e-mail from our friend down under.  Greg and his adventures with Miss Penny the 1944 Kay M-1 continue.  

From Greg...

Attached are a few more photos of me & my gal Penny at a couple of venues, including a rare one where I`m actually smiling! (don't ya just love the flame shoes & matching tie?) 

I DO love the shoes and matching rock-n-roll

The band fills the floor with dancers

Looking sharp...

Enjoying every minute of playing the old girl. She`s getting a great workout and sounding excellent. I`ve not had one issue with sore hands, cramps etc even after 3 gigs in a row. At a recent rehearsal studio, another double bass player had a play of her and he was so impressed, you couldn`t take the smile of his face plus he wanted to know everything about how she came to Australia! I truly am blessed to have had the opportunity to not only meet you guys but to have been so lucky through the whole process of bringing Penny home.
Take care guys & I`ll catch up with y`all soon...Greg

It is always great to hear Greg's trip around the world to the Bass Monkey Workshop was worth it!  We look forward to Greg's return visit to the USA...I have no doubts we will see him again.   ;-)

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