Saturday, June 29, 2013

And the closing chapter on Miss Penelope the 1944 Kay M-1…

Good news all the way around!  Greg updated us on his safe travels back to Dallas.  His airport inspection was uneventful. 

In Greg’s words:

Penelope went through customs without a hitch. Only 1 guy on duty when I got here and he didn't even want to know about the FWS & USDA documentation!  Plus when she was weighed in by the airline people, it was exactly 32kgs including the road case which is exactly on the limit!  I've been a lucky boy throughout this whole adventure. Now I just gotta get through customs at the other end.

So Greg’s remaining time in the USA was enjoyable and his flight home went well.  Today we received and update again from Greg:

It’s amazing; Penelope also got through quarantine at the Sydney airport without a hitch as well. The customs guys took one look at my paperwork and said if the USDA Ok’ed everything then we don’t even need to open the case! Sent me right through. Didn't even want to look in my luggage. As I said I'm a lucky boy.

Got home on Monday morning and straight back to work the next day. Not too much in the way of jetlag, though I keep waking up at 4am. Gotta get used to Oz time I guess.
Been playing Penelope every day and we sure are getting used to each other. 

Absolutely love the sound she is giving me and I am looking forward to her opening up over the next few weeks and months. Lonnie’s setup and string height is just perfect. So easy to play. Thanks heaps.

The 37 Kay you picked up (Nellie Kane) looks great. I'm sure it will go on to produce some big bottom end after a proper setup. Now when it comes to the bass that would get me back over there, dare I suggest ......... Big Daddy? Anyway, I know he is special to you and as we say over here 'dreams are free'.

I am certainly planning to come back there in the future, even just to see more of the country and to catch up with you guys again. Will send over some photos of Penelope & I rockin away the night at one of our gigs. Got a good one to play at tonight that usually gets 100-150 dancers. Penelope will be the standout for sure plus the guys in the band are keen to check her out too.

All the best and take care

So a very happy ending to Greg’s trip around the world for his bucket list vintage Kay bass.  I’ll post updates when Greg sends pictures of him and Penelope just rocking the night away.  This was a great once in a life time experience and we would certainly do it all again.
The export laws have some small glimmer of hope to be reviewed to give a traveling musician an easier way to acquire vintage instruments which are considered a tool for their trade.  We hope Greg comes back to the USA and make a visit to see us again. 

As far as Big Daddy, my big, beautiful 1941 Epiphone B5 being the catalyst…hmmmmmm…I gotta think about that for a while.  He is a super special bass that I am not ready to part with just yet but Greg would be my first choice as the next owner…dreams are free!

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