Monday, April 22, 2013

Head over heels in love with you...

And now Little Maggie is home in California with her new owner Katya.  

It is truly a small, small low end world.  Here is a picture from a bluegrass jam from this weekend that show’s Katya with her 1937 Kay M-4 bass named Little Maggie and Dave with his bass a 1943 Kay M-1 named Molly Kay.  

The very pristine 1937 Kay M-4 on the left with Katya and the super clean, heavily played 1943 Kay M-1 on the right with Dave

Both of these basses traveled from Pennsylvania to California from The Bass Monkey Workshop to be with their owners.  What are the chances these two folks would have met each other and purchased their basses from the same place all the away across the country?

Just a pick'in and a grin'in!

Katya tells us I am completely head over heels about the bass”.  

That’s a good bluegrass song right there.

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