Monday, February 4, 2013

1941 Epiphone B-5


Lonnie’s chugging along.  Bit by bit the bass is getting closer to jamming.  The set up is mostly finished; the bass has a super strong E string.  The Golden Spirals and Spiro seem to be a great traditional combination.  The nut had to be completely reshaped because so much of the fingerboard was shaved away to remove the deep grooves in the fingerboard.  Lonnie is now working on the cosmetic details of rebuilding the chipped edges and adding color to blend in the surface flaws.  

Seam repairs and pushing out the dent from the inside out

Never enough clamps...

The pusher stick, heat and glue to repair the dent

Pushing the dent from the outside
The bass had a tiny quarter size punch mark on the upper bout.  It wasn’t enough to pop the back to get in with a clamp so in his ingenious way he figured out a way to push the dent out.  Not sure exactly what he did but the dent is popped out and smoothed over that you would not notice it.

The beginning of the edge repair and color matching

Edges are smooth as silk.  With layers of color touch up they will disappear
As always, we don’t want the bass to be to perfect. This one has lots of vintage character but we try to clean up the edges so they don't snag on the gig bag.


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