Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Progress on the 1949 Kay S-9

The Kay S-9 is coming along.  Tonight was a good night, lots of progress. All the hard work is completed.  Its tweaking from this point forward.
Getting started on the end pin.  Reaming the hole with a tapered end pin reamer.
End pin installed, Clef High Tec tail gut installed.  The edges are detailed and the first layers of color have been applied.
The new strings are installed with the Realist pick up re-installed.
Beautiful flamed maple...can you see the edge repairs?  Seamless!

A little seam repair at the neck for open plys.

The Bass Monkey speed neck treatment...smooth as a baby's butt.
If all goes well we plan to get a bit of jamming to fine tune the sound post and break in the new Zyex strings.  She will be ready for the IBMA's before you know it. 


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