Sunday, November 13, 2011

The King Mortone and a loose screw...

I am always saying…the devil is in the details. 

So if you follow the workshop blog you know Lonnie is annul about details and has the persistence of a dog with a bone.  He will play with a piece of metal or wood for hours on end for no other reason then…because he can. 

The screws we searched and found for the King Mortone tuners were the right length, shaft, head shape but the head of the screws were a bit larger then the old one.  Well true to form, Lonnie does not let it stop him…I’ll let the pictures do the talking but basically he filed down the circumference of the screw head so it would be a perfect match to the vintage screws…I think he has a screw loose.  He is a crazy, crazy boy!

Original screw top left, new screw top right

Yeah...this is the genious at work

All things are possible with imagination

This side is done and looking good

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