Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More rain and the Mortone Bass

It is raining once again with lots of thunder and lighting…will it ever stop?

We have had so much rain it feels good to get back to the basses for a distraction.  Our area had 12” of rain in one day with flooding all around us.  Fortunately we are fine, the house is fine and all the basses are safe.  We were lucky, some folks around us were not as lucky.

The King Mortone is coming along and looking good.  Lonnie has been careful to slowly build the layers of color around the edges.  If you try to go too dark to fast you end up with dark, muddy opaque edges.  The idea is to build the color slowly with transparent layers of color.  This gives a better vintage appearance with out a painted look.  You need to let the oil colors dry slowly, a coat a day is about as fast as you want to go.  The weather is to change to dry and cool.  This will help speed up the drying process.  Once Lonnie gets all the cosmetic touch up work done he will reset the neck.  Then things come together pretty quickly because he gets excited.

Stay tune for updates.

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