Sunday, July 18, 2010

A good day indeed!

Well…today was a very good day! This bass was tuned up and played notes for the very first time in a long time. Things are going well.

Below is the bridge pre-final detailing. At this point the feet are fitted, the final detailing is not completed.

Now that the bridge has been cut, carved and detailed we can put the neck under some pressure by tuning the bass and playing it. The photo below is Lonnie detailing the bridge...his way.

The bass sounds great! Has a really great E string. True to form Lonnie went the extra mile and hollowed the bridge after we tested the volume. We did a test of before the bridge was hollowed and after the bridge was hollowed. I can say with a scientific measurement of a sound meter the hollow bridge makes the bass louder…two decibels louder.

Below you can see the bridge blank before it was detailed (on left) and after the final artistic carving and signature of a Bass Monkey bridge (on right)…awesome.

Lonnie will move on to mounting the Epiphone badge to the non-Epiphone tail piece. Detail the back of the neck with his secret Bass Monkey "speed neck" treatment. There are some final cosmetic details to the button at the neck and nut, but this bass will be jamming this Thursday and Friday for sure. I am excited to play this bass in an open jam to see how well it holds down the low end. It has a killer growl…but then again…it is an Epiphone!

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