Monday, December 28, 2009

Epiphone neck repairs...

Well Christmas has come and gone and we are finally getting to work on the Epiphone.

We have cleaned the shop, reorganized the basses, added Lonnie some creature comforts (for Lonnie and the basses) and we are ready to get working! Lonnie is working on getting the broken part of the neck out of the neck block. It is giving him a challenge as the old repair was not made with hide glue but rather some form of an epoxy. This means the glue is not softening with warm water like hide glue does making removing the neck more time consuming.

He will repair the broken neck from the bottom up once he gets both pieces removed. Typically when he resets the neck is requires some very thin shims be made to take up any wobble that has formed over the years. When the neck repair has been completed he will move on the scroll repair…which will be a challenge. Stay tuned and I’ll keep the updates coming.

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