Sunday, November 22, 2009

1942 Kay S-9...

The bass is glued up and feels good and solid. Lonnie made good progress today repairing all the edges. A Kay S-9 has real factory inlaid purfling, which looks really nice but it causes the edges to chip more quickly then a non-purfed edge. This bass had some chipping around the edges mostly on the bottom back and the at the violin corners. Lonnie has come up with a real nice technique that works well to fill in the missing pieces with out removing any original wood. In most cases once he has made the repairs and completes the color touch up you can not see the repaired edges. This is the best way we have found to make a vintage bass look original as it can be.

The original ebony fingerboard is in good shape and only needs a light dressing. The end of the board needs a repair as there was a 1950’s style pick up mounted through the fingerboard with nuts and bolts. Lonnie will fill the hole with an ebony paste and sand it down. It will look as good as new when it is all finished.

He is making good progress and hopes to be working on the set up by the weekend. I’ll be playing this one sooner then I thought.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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